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Solve the crime using a newspaper report, evidence and interviews. Diagnostic Mineral Assessment Intro Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Student Sheet Diagnostic Mineral Assessment - Grid Suitable for A level students, this lecture plan includes a series of questions and exercises, using slides of depositional environments.

Aimed at sixth form students, the Anthropocene resource pack presents a selection of evidence and asks pupils to decide for themselves if the Earth has entered the Anthropocene yet and if so, when?

It is also quite amazing that such similar geological stories have played out time and time again in such varied settings.

You now have one piece of evidence to argue that both Iceland and California have at least one geomorphologic commonality.

Apply your new geo-sleuthing skills to hypothesize how various landscapes on earth and across the solar system originated.

Below are a series of photos from Iceland and other locations that exhibit similar traits to what you observed in your field study.

Ok, well not so much of a lesson plan, but it’s a great bit of technology for students and teachers!

Te encanta La Roja, te interesaría saber y conocer todos los triunfos que ha tenido, el próximo 1 de junio comienza el gran Tour y Museo de la Selección Chilena en la cual mostrará toda su historia y sus logros, justo cuando se cumple un año del gran triunfo en la Copa América, tendrás la posibilidad de recorrer cada rincón y secretos de los más de 100 años de historia futbolística.

Se expondrán más de 1.500 fotos inéditas, hará un recorrido desde el 1910 en adelante, esto pretende ser un homenaje a la Selección dada su trayectoria y dedicación, es una experiencia que no se ha dado anteriormente en Chile, es un recorrido de 2.000 metros cuadrados por el interior del Estadio en la cual, las personas también podrán vivir la experiencia de presenciar un partido real, de manera virtual 3D.

It can be used either as a group or individual exercise, and provides experience in developing analytical skills.

Find out more Earth Learning Idea (ELI) publish Earth-related teaching ideas, designed to be practical resources for teachers and teacher-trainers.

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A free App that lets you take a geological map of Britain with you wherever you go to help you learn about the rocks beneath your feet.

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