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Here’s advice on how to deal with those flaky boys.First, here are three possible causes for the flakiness to help understand the situation a little better.You deserve to be taken on a date, so stop letting flaky boys get to you and find someone who contributes to your happiness.Always remember that you should be the one who is pursued, not the one who is waiting around.She is survived by her loving father, Morris Kaplan; beloved children: Deborah (Buckner) Tomlin and David Mink; much loved sister, Dana Camodeca (Dr.Silvio) of Des Plaines, IL; devoted brother, Steve Kaplan (Ilene) of Chicago, IL; her cherished grandsons: Dylan Tomlin and Miles Hatchett; and many lifelong family and friends.

He was a member of Valhalla and his greatest joy was playing golf. As long as the sun was shining, he was on the first tee, waiting to share time with his friends and maybe even win a few bucks.

Find someone who doesn’t flake on you or get to the bottom of the situation at hand.

Feinstein advises, “You are lucky to learn your lesson early on about what kind of man he is. At least now you only have to wait 25 minutes instead of longer later on.” Find someone who treats you right the first time around.

The problem was assessed by expert Patti Feinstein, America’s Dating Coach, and then we got the lowdown from the people who know what is really going on--college men.

This guy has a hard time saying “no” for whatever reason. Alexander Zwaan, a recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, spoke about how the excuses could be a product of how he has a lot going on in his life at the moment.

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