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I would guess they would be in there 60's or 70's now. i wwould really like to find out which family she was taken into and wat he adoptive name was or still is, she would be 16 now her birthday was on the 2/2/88 and she has dark brown hair and bright green eyes. please if you know anybody who matched the description then please contact me. I know my twin is out there somewhere, i just need her. she has a beauty mark on her nose and under her left eye. CZ IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO LOOK THE SAME. WE CAN PROVIDE HER PICTURE BUT COULD NOT DO IT IN FORMAT OF THIS QUERY. this is stacey teague and im deaf also i was born with twin girl on october,16 1979 st.augustine or country florida.grandma told me that my mom was teen had twin babies and me and sister was died in her womb that bad doctor wont let us out of her womb and mom almost died too and they took news about happened. do u know of my friend angelique behrend is deaf that she know u but she did not meet u (deaf group) stuffs.

Chris I just wanted to say to everyone who is looking for their twin; don't give up hope, it can happen! we was born in hannover in germany but i dont know the name of the hospital or town sorry.thankx alot, kaitlyn kaitlyn Hello :) My name is Becky, my sisters Robi and Ronda have been wanting to find our twin half sisters Cindy Lee and Windy Dee, funds are tight, so hiring someone to find them is not in our pocket books right now, all i know about them is, they were born to Dick and Jean Huff in Indiana then later wre adopted by their grand parents, i think they lived in WV. if anyone has any info on them, would you please email me at Miss [email protected] my sister ronda at Miss [email protected], the my sisters and i are very anxious about finally meeting our half sisters for the first time. Rebecca Klatt i beleive i have twin girls,they would have been born approximately june of 1986 they would be almost 18 years of age know.there mom joined the airforce in october 1985 her name is anna machelle diamond . Im 5'3 115 pounds brown eyes, brown hair with some blonde in it, brown eyes, i got tanning, but I have an original tan too. This is so important to me, so if you know ANYTHING at all, PLEASE E-MAIL ME ASAP. If you have ANY information, no matter how small, PLEASE tell me. bad doctor wont tell my mom that what twins meant so she was puzzled cuz she was too younger...i was real died and they afraid tried to fixed me to alive and became deaf that why.. if u found me then call me 6 for my hubby jason can hear.. i was so surprised and trying to contracted my twin sister might jessica or jennifer or else... my race is brown hair and bright brown eyes, 5'6 or 7" indain, french, white skin. stacey Teague I really think that i have a twin sister.

So please, keep trying, cos you will find your twin someday! Madison Brooklyn I am still searching for Angela and Melissa, born in Boston may of 1990. I have brown hair and blue eyes and i am about 5'1" in height. There names are Madison and Pipper, have brown hair and blue eyes. Sensitive and complicated search for twin girls my mother gave birth to that may have been illegaly adopted to a Dr. Darla Robson My sister and I (identical twins) are looking for our Brother - whom was adopted at birth. He lives somewhere in California and his parents names are Robert and Rubella torres who I believe who live in T or C. Their names are Donita and Marita but we called them Doni and Rita. patricia I am looking for a set of twin boys..umm, men now. GODWILLING and GODBLESS jay diltz On June 17th in 1994 i think its the correct year I was not only told but showed that I had full blooded brothers. As far as I know I was born in Joplin, Missouri on Jan.11th 1973 In was once called Old Oak Hill hospital. Acople of months ago I saw a guy that looked so much like me it reminded me of my wedding day. To this day my familiy denies all this and say I dont have any fulll blooded brotheres or sisters. I know that 1 of her sisters has a red mark on the right side of her neck. this weekend we were in kearney nebraska eating and this girl came up to me and started calling me jill. I haven't been in touch for a while but I thought I'd sign the guest book to tell you how much we enjoy the website. Helen C Looking for Shane and Shawn from *Calahoo, Alberta, Canada* least we think that's where they live! My mom told me that I had a twin but my twin was still born. my brother and i have our mom's eyes and our dads nose. anyway, i think i might have been one of a quadruplet.

Adopted through Boston Childrens service in 1991-1992. if u think you are my long lost sister or think you no them please e-mail me xxxxx Natalie Looking for Carolyn K. If you now if him please email me, help my sister and I finally meet our brother. They were adopted by a couple in the Navy (we were told) when they were five years old. Your names are Ryan & Bryan and you were born in Manitoba Canada. One is very quiet, Ryan if memory serves correctly. We where not allowed to meet or talk to one another for because of our families. I tried to give him a ride because he was walking but some already picked him up. My ex wife also denies what happened on our wedding day. she told me that i looked like this girl that went to her church. Amanda I am looking for a twin named Joanne Reese from Tucson Arizona. It's useful in more ways than I can write here and great fun as well. Just have some pictures for them from spring break! Jessica & Nikki Minneapolis, Mn USA - Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at (EST) Looking for someone who went to school in Morton IL around 1970-1974. my brother and i were conceived on fertitlity drugs and artificial insemination.

you may have either dirty blonde, light brown, or dark brown hair. my mother still thinks the hospital sold my twin, as she was extremely large and i was quite a small baby. if any o fyou are born on the 14/04/89 please email me. My name is Jessica and i came across this site and i wanted to tell you the amazing story about me and my triplet brother and identical sister. Well i was adopted out to a town about 5 minutes away from the one i was born in. about a year ago i was told i was a adopted and that i wasn't allowed to search for my real parents and family until i was 18. a few monthes ago i spotted an article written in the paper by a boy with the same birthdate as me and looked like me a little.

Has recently come up that I might have a twin, seperated at birth, but my parents won't talk about it. Don't know if we're identitcal twins or not, or even if my twin is a boy or a girl. We were split up at birth, but i have seen pictures of us together when we were babies. I have curly brown hair, brown eyes and i am 5' in height. Please, if you know anything, no matter how small or insignificant, e-mail me. I really need my sister, so if you know anthing at all, please e-mail me! My addy is [email protected] Hayley Seymour Hey Debbie/Lisa, it is Carole..of Kim and Misty... The girls don't know this, but I think it would be nice for them to meet up with some twin friends in Metairie, they keep too much to themselves or now since they are in school...always in the books or know, I will only suggest....thanks You know they are 21 now.... I have been searching for my twin for a couple of years. I believe I am adopted because I do not connect with my family. I'm about five foot tall and overly developed for my age.

If anyone has any information I would love to know. If you know anything at all, please e-mail me, because i really need to find my sister. Please e-mail me if you know anything about my twin. If there is anyone that can even match one of these qualities please e-mail me. Mallorie hi my name is michaela, earlier this year on my 16th birthday my parents recieved a letter off a family who claimed to have been raising my identical twin sister but of course my parents hid the letter from me to make sure that i didnt found about her but when i found it they said that yes i have a twin but they dont know where abouts in the world she is and that she has everything the same as me so if you know or have seen or heard bout a girl who was born in hannover on the 2nd of february 1988 and has dark brown hair and multicoloured eyes then please email me as i am desperate to find her thankx MICHAELA went to get my birth cert.

Their mother was Alice, she died 11 days after the twins were born. I only have 1 photo of you boys and have never forgotten you. I think her name might be Holly or Hannah, but i'm not 100% sure about that. I want to know if my twin is alive, or died at birth. please help me find them Destiny-Rose FL USA - Tuesday, May 25, 2004 at (EDT) looking for twin boys born in norfok va 4/13/1960 adopted there names at brith was michael and jame ribiero or ribeiro stayed in saint marys infant home in norfork va for a while before they where adopted they have other brother in sisters they dont know about i can be reach at 757-321-0674 Debbie brinkley hi, when i was born my mother died, she had identical twin girls and i was one of them. my mom said that i did have a twin and i have been looking for her for a while. Taylor Fields My name is megan.i don't really know if i have a twin but i always feel like something is missing and i feel sad for no reason at all. i have medeum brown hair with red highlight that show more in the summer, brown eyes, a bithmark on my nose and on my left ear. i'm 11 years old and was born july 31 1992, which was a friday.i'm going to turn 12 july 31 in 2004. Megan Fields iam looking for a 5 foot 11 inches 15 year old with brown hair and honey highlights blue eyes and goes by the name of staci-jesse raphael our mom was creative with our names i'm called tommi-jade raphael our mum is called jarnette and our dad is named dave staci is afraid of hights and snakes and when ever you mention pink she goes mad she's also allergic to daisy's and is very pretty.i had to use my best mates e-m AIL ADDRESS.

There aunt now 97 would love to get in contact with them, she has not seen them since they were 3 years old. If you have any information at all, please e-mail me. i have never known my father since that day he abandoned my mother pregnant. I have curly brown hair, brown eyes, 5' in height at weigh roughly 6stone. if you see a girl that has brown hair with hazel eyes (they turn brown in the dark and hazel in the light). tommi-jade raphael WE WISH TO FIND A LADY WHO LOOKS LIKE TWIN WITH OUR SISTER WHO DIED YOUNG AROUND 35 BUT SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFULL AND LOOK IN HER TWENTY'S WE LOVED HER SO MUCH AND ARE SUFFERING FOR LOOSING HER , LIFE IS NOT ANY MORE THE SAME FOR US AND WISH TO MEET, LOVE AND GET ALONG WITH SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE HER.

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Please contact me if anyone has any info that may help me. I went to high school with her in Germany and stayed in a dormitory with her 1981. would like to find out about twin girls i went to school with threw JR High in Edwardsville and then moved to Morton. She is one of the long lost twins, placed up for adoption at birth (birthdate 9th April 1954, bourn in United Kingdom. my mom said that there were four eggs, but only twins (ben and i) were conceived.

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