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The visual construction of Maya glyphs is very interesting.At first inspection, the glyphs appear to be very intricate squares laid out in a gridlike pattern.In fact, scholars label glyph block horizontally with letters (A, B, C) and vertically with numbers (1, 2, 3).Hence, the reading order would be A1, B1, A2, B2, etc, until you hit the bottom. There were several classes of glyphs in the Maya writing system. Like us, the Maya wrote their numbers in positional notation.These signs are either logograms (to express meaning) or syllabograms (to denote sound values), and are used to write words, phrases, and sentences.

The "Maya" in general were actually not a single people but many nations with different, but related, cultures, religions, and languages.

The following chart illustrates the signs of jaab' solar calendar.

Like the Western calendar, the days in a month are identified by numbers, but the first day of the month is zero instead of one as in the Western calendar.

Another group, the speakers of Yucatec, adopted the script to write their own language.

However, in some places, both languages were represented on hieroglyphic inscriptions, which not only stumped archaeologists for many years but also offered tantalizing clues into how Maya languages have interacted.

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Numbers larger than 20 are written via positional notation, like the following example: Closely allied to the number system of the Maya is their incredibly intricate calendar system.

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