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"I did wonder, ' Do I want to let everyone know this?

It was Sid just being an idiot, just wanting to get high and not trying to play bass. Why did you think you could continue without him, when you and Paul Cook headed to Brazil after the San Francisco show? A couple of people have offered a bunch of money for it, but I don't know if it would be bad karma. This year will be the 40th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks. The highlight of my Sex Pistols career was recording the album. I think the last time I spoke to him was 2008 when we did a tour of Europe. You don't want to speak to your ex-wife, do you? I was flattered that they wanted to do Sex Pistols songs, "Anarchy" and Anthrax did "God Save the Queen." I was even more flattered when Guns N' Roses did a song I wrote, "Black Leather," on their covers album, Spaghetti Incident.

A.'s KLOS, and ends the book with a surprisingly detailed appendix listing dozens of "Things That Are Not Rock & Roll," such as sandals and selfies. "It's funny when you get guys who are bald to try to cover it up with hats and stuff. I knew it was wrong, but nothing stopped me from doing it. Kleptomania gave me something to do every day when I woke up in the morning. When I think about it now, I wish I wouldn't have done it. Would it be the Bowie heist, where you took gear right off his stage at the next-to-last Ziggy gig? I was a complete fan and what's funny was I had Tony Visconti and the drummer, Woody Woodmansey, on my radio show and I made amends with Woody for stealing his cymbals.

It just looks stupid."As a whole, the book provides a fresh look at the punk movement 40 years removed from the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols, and it presents an unflinching, sometimes even uncomfortable self-portrait of Steve Jones.

Take a ferry or water taxi to an unexplored part of your city if you want to make it a longer day trip.

Summer is ripe for yard sales and outdoor flea markets.

Buuuut it always pays to think outside the box and take risks: a new shared experience can draw out details about your date you wouldn't discover, say, chatting over a three-course meal.

Yes, you *could* play it safe and opt for a traditional dinner.

If you want a less stuffy environment than a dinner setting, where there's mimosas a'plenty and no pressure to stick around for the rest of the day, try going for a day date for brunch on the weekend.

For fellow angsty people, you can at least get the date out of the way and then go about your day instead of sweating it until evening.

In the book, he structured his life into three parts: "Before," "During" and "After." "It's like a guitar solo – start, beginning and end," he says, sounding more thoughtful and witty than grumpy. I tried to have a relationship with her when I got sober. Lydon told me he was OK with it because it was funny. Me and Cookie went 'cause it seemed like a great place to go. How long was it after you got from Brazil that you and Lydon talked? I can't remember, because I was a mess at this point. At that point, you'd seen Sid struggling with drugs. Did you ever feel like he was putting you in danger? It's just one of them classic albums, if you will. But there's a lot of catchy bits in some of the songs. You wrote in the book, "The Sex Pistols were born to crash and burn, and that's exactly what we did." When did that imminent self-destruction become apparent to you? When did it seem like the chaos and spectacle overtook the music? You wrote in the book that you felt unprepared for the session. In hindsight, if I would have known that, I would have given more input instead of strumming along.

The book shows off Jones' wry humor and blunt assessments of himself as he parses his life. I hadn't spoken to her for years when the Sex Pistols started; I just completely stopped seeing her. I don't think she wanted a kid; it was an accident. Did watching what he went through ever make you question your own drug use? When we came to America, I would go with him to these cowboy bars and he was like a magnet to cowboys, just looking at him, and they would fight. And I think he could have been a contender, you know? But you can hear him a bit in "Bodies" because he's out of tune. It was apparent after the Bill Grundy show and then Sid joined the band. We got caught up in the whole whirlwind of mainstream media [after Grundy] and we weren't interested in writing any songs. I think Bob wanted to see if any magic was starting with it.

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You don't want the game to be too one-sided, so go with something you can really engage in that's well suited for both of you.

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